PictureNix Comics Quarterly #8 cover by John Jennings.
People keep implying on facebook and twitter that I'm up to "big things" and "secret stuff."  While I don't feel like I've been particularly furtive about it, I am planning on a pretty ambitious publishing schedule.  Ambitious enough that I need to take my time and get all of the pieces together before I make too many announcements. So no big secrets, just a lot of prep work.

What has become the core of Nix Comics will still be for-sure happening.  You can expect Nix Comics for Kids #3 in April, Nix Comics Quarterly #7 in July,  Nix Western Comics #3 in September and Nix Comics Quarterly #8 in December. 

Also, The third annual Indie Comics Fair featuring a great group of local comic artists and sponsored by both Nix Comics and S.P.A.C.E. will be held at the Ace of Cups on Saturday, March 8th.  More on that next week.. when I'll have a groovy Rich Trask poster!

PictureCover by Andy Bennett.
But you guys all know me.  I always have some other plans up my sleeve.  Watch for a Kickstarter campaign beginning in early February to fund two great projects that rolled across my desk.  

One is the true-to-life story of a couple of kids working at a record store, rampaging through seedy bars and meeting the Ramones in the early 1990s.   Adapted from the memoir blog of Bela Koe-Krompecher.

The other is a reprint of the Rock N Roll issue of the late great 80s Pure Entertainment magazine/Comix anthology.  Its chock-full of great underground artists form the time, many of whom went on to become not-so-underground.  Terrific stuff that deserves to be back in print!

PictureArt by Michael Neno.
The most stupidly ambitious plan for the new year is Nix Comics Monthly:  A free monthly cartoon newspaper distributed everywhere but everywhere in Columbus, Ohio.  

The plan is to get the monthly up and running by S.P.A.C.E.   That schedule is pretty much predicated on how quickly we develop sponsorships.  (So hey... If you're a local business that wants some great advertising opportunities AND like the iea of directly supporting local artists, get in touch!)



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